Published: 2018-12-24

Femoral hypoplasia-unusual facies syndrome: a rare clinical entity

Vinaya Lichade, Poonam Wade, Prachi Gandhi, Shruti Saxena, Sushma Malik


Femoral hypoplasia-unusual facies syndrome (FH-UFS) is a disorder with multisystem involvement comprising predominantly of craniofacial dysmorphism with bilateral hypoplastic femurs. The exact etiology of this disorder is unknown, however maternal infections, drug and radiation exposure, oligohydramnios has been implicated. In affected children born to non-diabetic mothers, a genetic contribution is suspected; however, no chromosomal or gene mutations have been identified so far. The syndrome closely resembles with caudal dysplasia or syringomyelia which occur due to insufficient mesoderm in the caudal part of the embryo leading to lumbosacral defects, renal agenesis, and dysplastic lower limbs, however they lack craniofacial dysmorphism. The pathogenesis of FH-UFS involves poor development of subtrochanteric portion of the femoral cartilage. This results in shortening of proximal femur. Maternal diabetes justifies the teratogenic effect of hyperglycemia and ketones on fetus leading to dysmorphic features in fetus. Here, we are reporting a female neonate with characteristic phenotypic features of FH-UFS. She had cleft lip and palate, low set ears, retrognathia and micrognathia, dolichocephaly with bilateral femoral hypoplasia with talipes deformity of both feet. Karyotype was normal (46XX). Renal and cranial ultrasounds were normal. The 2D Echo revealed small 0.3mm PDA.


Caudal dysplasia syndrome, Craniofacial dysmorphism, Femoral hypoplasia, Sirenomelia

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